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The software application that runs on the Android platform is known as an Android app. The core reason the android app is created for a smartphone or a tablet PC is that the Android platform is structured for mobile devices.

An android application would open your doors to connect with many monthly users. Android apps are not only limited to phones, one can use it in laptops as well as their tablets. Android development is conducted on Java, which enables it to be a cross-platform process. Java and Kotlin are two officially accepted programming language of Android.  They are primarily compiled to Dalvik executables to run on the Dalvik virtual machine. For this purpose, developers may use a particular Android software development kit. Also, there are some indispensable building blocks that an Android application comprises. Activities that act as a presentation layer of our application. By using fragments and views, its display can be set.

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CodeKing Solutions is a prominent Android app development company that can help you to launch an innovative, wholesome, and flexible application that can cater to zillion clients around the planet. We have a pool of experience to cater to the needs of our clients. Also, we stick to Android’s design guidelines.

Reasons to Shake Hands with Us

  • We are known to make our clients content with our unparalleled services.
  • Our experts will amalgamate their expertise with your vision to carve out-of-the-box Android apps.
  • Leverage our expertise and turn your dream into a reality.
  • We have extraordinary UI/UX design skills.
  • We solve the coherently with our stupendous analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • We also have cross-platform app development experience

So, unlock the potential of your business with our impeccably designed android application.

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Research and Consulting

Our adept team of web developers, web designers, and project managers will comprehend your business requirement to deliver you the best work. An effective vision aids them in successfully executing the app development process. 



Depending on your bespoke requirements, our skilled team of mobile app designers will construct the Wireframe that transparently elaborates the user’s journey.

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Our zealous architects deploy industry-leading, cutting edge, and out-of-the-box patterns & techniques to build the best app architecture & database design that helps your business to reach its pinnacle in the digital-driven world.

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After the design is finalized, our experts will dedicatedly work towards the development of the app.

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Testing and QA

Being a trusted service provider in mobile apps development services we continuously test the performance of the app at every phase of development for its scalability, responsiveness, and stability based on some industry set standards.



We offer maintenance and upgrade services to ensure that your application stays on the top in the apps marketplace.

Tools and Technologies

We adhere to the mentioned rigorous development process, and we ensure that your clients have glitch-free experience when using your applications. Our in-house adept developers meticulously work towards your desired application via state-of-the-art techniques and technologies.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Cross-platform development vs Native app development?


With native app development, the default language is used and IDE Android, i.e. JAVA or Kotlin with Android studio for Android.

Cross-platform technology provides a framework where coding is done once, however it can be utilized to deploy an app in Android and Windows phones.

2. What is the approximate time-frame to develop any mobile app?


The time-frame to develop an application can vary from company to company. This depends on the complexity of your application.

3. What tools and techniques are used to build an Android app development?


The app can be created using both native and cross-platform app development methods. For native app development, tools such as Java, Swift, and Objective C are used, whereas for cross-section one's tools and technology such as PhoneGap, Titanium, JavaScript, HTML5 are put to use.

4. Can I have multiple fragments in a view-pager within a single activity?


Without an iota of doubt, you can have more than one fragments in a single activity and define the fragments relevant to the activity within the feature. It should be the primary entry point within a feature. Keep in mind that fragments cannot be linked with a deep link and cannot be launched independently of an activity.

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