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App Store Optimization

It would be correct to say that in the pivot to digital, applications are the fulcrum, and it is the core reason for dynamic changes that keeps the business in the competitive lead. With the increasing relevance for your enterprise, the application landscape tends to become heterogeneous. And this is the fundamental reason for increased intricacies and spikes in the cost of delivery. To make an impact and get discovered by more users it is of paramount importance to look for the best-in-class ASO services.

What do you mean by ASO?

ASO stands for App store optimization, and it is known as App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO.

ASO concentrates on the application of professional tools relevant to enhancing the ranking of mobile applications directly inside app stores (like iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Store).

The key mobile phones are built for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Phone apps. The focal point of opting for ASO is usually app downloads, but the secondary objectives could be as follows:

  • The best way to skyrocket brand exposure
  • Decreasing the negative app reviews and ratings
  • Better engagement of the audience
  • Additional marketing channel diversification

If you’re wondering if this investment is worth your time and resources, then these figures will help you to make an informed decision without much fuss.

The Apple App Store has nearly 4.4 million applications available. (Statista) There were 4,37 million applications released in the Apple App Store as of July 2020. There is one gaming app available on iOS for every four non-gaming applications, according to Statista.

The higher your app ranks in the search results of an app store, the more accessible to potential users it is. The increased exposure appears to lead to more traffic in the app store to the page of your app.

How does the Understanding of Keywords Make a Difference?

The ASO method also requires a key understanding of your target user base, including the keywords that your prospective customers use to identify similar apps to yours.

You will better understand the language of your prospective customers as you hear more about which keywords are being used, so you can concentrate on the best keywords to use.

In effect, app stores are a closed search engine for the web, which in turn depends on:

  • The discovery of simple content (app content)
  • Indexing
  • Plus, algorithms for rating apps linked to:
    • Perceived standard of apps
    • Freshness with Freshness
    • Scale of brand
    • Signals for User Value (e.g., reviews, ratings, engagement)

Marketing experts main motive is to accelerate ROI from app stores by targeting key performance indicators tied to increasing app visibility:

  • Impressions
  • Downloads
  • Ranking
  • Engagement (reviews/ratings)
  • Shares

Just like SEO, maximizing the visibility of your app is a process that is continuously changing and ongoing. When you create an app, moving traffic is your target. In the App Store and Play Store, where your scope is infinite, you will stand out with a dedication to ASO, constantly monitoring and evaluating success and results.

Why is ASO considered as a Game-Changer to Increase Profits?

According to experts, 63% of apps are found via app store searches. This indicates that downloads of an app can be affected to a major extend if they do not appear on the search results. Considering such a percentage, it would be correct to say that if you are negating this medium of the app discovery channel, then there is a big loop in your marketing strategy and the app download results could be alarming. So, it would be a prudent choice to re-design your strategy and look for top-notch app store optimization services.

Now, if you are bemused about hiring a professional to cater to your needs, then you should without further ado as a gazillion of apps in each app store vying to rank higher, and neglecting this can have a deleterious effect on your business. Don’t let one of the most powerful weapons go waste. You need to invest resources to enhance its performance and experience a world of difference in your revenues.

What factors have a major impact on ASO?

It would be correct to say that amalgamation of SEO techniques and ASO would churn out profits, but it is the primary component lacking from many ASO marketing distribution approaches. With ASO and SEO, there is more intersection than the direct rivalry between the two. It is also possible to explicitly incorporate ASO many of the standard search engine optimization techniques that work in favor of SEO.

Factors to consider for ASO

  • Title: The one with the heaviest search traffic should be the keyword put in the title. Spend time studying which keyword it is since it can be dangerous to change your title so much. When your app continues to rank higher and earn more ratings, the news of your app will start spreading through word of mouth. It is a no-brainer that changing your title time and again can have a negative impact on your audience as it would lose its essence as well as it would be difficult for your clientele to connect with the identity of the brand. In iOS 11, you're only given 30 characters for a title, and keyword stuffing is a surefire way to avoid being prohibited.
  • Keywords: You need to know which keywords are important and used most frequently by your target audience to boost your search rankings. Monitoring rivals to know how you compare week to week is beneficial.

The title and keywords can easily be changed to refine them periodically, in addition to being the most significant ASO element.

Secondary Influences of ASO:

  • The total number of downloads: ASO has a large number of downloads, but you don't have full control over them.
  • Ratings and Reviews: This part can be tricky to control and fake reviews can make it worse. However, there are ways to get a better ranking and reviews. Higher-rated apps also ranked higher. This poses a complicated dilemma: you want more reviews and ratings, but not if they are adverse. So inside your app, you need a way to communicate with your customers, give them a place to vent, and speak to the developer directly. And don't be shy about the negative reviews being addressed. There is a high possibility that the glitch which caused disturbance to your previous customer is fixed which makes their review no more relevant and your current or future users should be cognizant of that fact.
  • App downloads: The higher the perceived hype, desire, and user value associated with the app, as you would expect, the more downloads your app gets. Rising download volumes would help increase popularity within the organic ranking of the app store.

Your website can be seen as the driving force behind leading people from your key online agency (your website) through to a dedicated, ready-to-buy/download audience in the knowledge searching and purchasing funnel (your app store).

The better you can use your website content to enhance app knowledge and discovery to create external app authority and exposure, the greater the wider value, traffic and downloads your app can gain, as content levels are limited within the app stores themselves.

Can App Updates Impact your Downloads?

According to a recent study, the top-performing applications in app stores are those that are continually changing and are constantly being updated (reflecting user reviews, technical updates, feature additions, and improvements).

Apps that are updated more often tend to get more favorable feedback and more frequent ones. Updating your app at regular intervals is considered a cornerstone as it will give your potential and existing customers added relevance to your product and allow your brand to adapt with app refinement and enhancement to evolving audience needs and competition changes. The regularity of app updates as part of the rating algorithm is taken into account by both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

What are the other ASO Factors that Brands should Value?

Many just put all their expertise in the title and tend to negate the description which should not be the case. This is where stuff gets a little murky. The algorithm for the App Store technically ignores the description part. However, consumers are a different matter. Instead of optimizing for SEO alone, concentrate on describing the product's characteristics and benefits.

And while it appears to have plenty of space to do this, you don't. Truncated snippets are displayed on your product page, and to read beyond what you see here, a few readers will often press "more."

Compared to clicks on extra app sites, thumbnail photos and screenshots used to advertise the app in app stores can directly influence the click-through rates (CTR).

Also, to make your pitch and persuade someone your app is worth downloading, you've got 252 characters. There's no space for fluff, and to find what works best, you can need to A/B test multiple iterations. A/B tests each of the fields in your app store to continuously develop main field metrics (CTR, CRO, etc.). To get every ounce of benefit from the available optimization areas inside app stores, this form of experimentation and hypothesis testing is crucial.

Apart from these factors, the retention rate can also impact the ranking of your app without a question. For mobile device rankings, retention rates are significant, but the bar isn't set very high. The average app in the first month has just a 36 percent retention rate. The highest retention rates for three months are Media/Entertainment, Lifestyle/Travel, and eCommerce/Retail applications. In the App Store, there are so many applications available that users download enough and never use them. A study found that Americans use an average of 30 apps out of the approximately 90 they have installed per month.

Even if your app is downloaded, this means that it is unlikely that it will ever be used beyond the first 72 hours. App Store search rankings can be helped by how long the app remains installed and how many times it is used when installed. You need to devote time and money in order to enjoy ASO's rewards. You'll have a clear channel that pushes traffic to your app if you do so.

Codeking Solutions – The Best ASO Service Providers

In today's times, app store optimization services are highly important, taking into account the rise of mobile apps as people's favored knowledge avenues. To get downloads flowing and proper traffic to their app, each online company needs ASO services. And we understand the dynamics of ASO and provide customized services that keep our clients covered.

For related keywords, we keep track of and optimize your rank results against that of your rivals. For tracking keywords, search rankings, and competitors, we use advanced tools. While analyzing reviews/ratings, we also optimize the design of your app. We make sure your software has the proper frequency and size for updates.

Our team checks the size, title, icons, and screenshots of the app, downloads of applications, and crash rate thoroughly. We also cover reviews of groups, compliance with iOS, and more. An off-page analysis is conducted, covering analyses for installation and download. We will assist in providing the message to prospective clients while allowing further downloads of software.

We post and curate releases from the media and blog posts about the app. On a regular basis, we keep reviewing app details as well. On the Google Play Store and Apple Store, we also help you learn about your app's visibility. We also have informative reports on how these techniques work and the outcomes they achieve.

If you are not sure how to rank better on app stores and monetize with a better ranking, then our experts can help you at competitive prices. Call us and boost your ranking.

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After collecting the indispensable details, we begin wire-framing and planning the project, so that we can provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for you.

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Our adept developers will design and create the app, employing techniques to ensure usability all the while.

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After the design is finalized, our experts will dedicatedly work towards the development of the app.

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Before launch, our team employs the best testing process to ensure positive feedback with a plethora of testing techniques.



We offer maintenance and upgrade services to ensure that your application stays on the top in the apps marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to rank for a keyword?


There are 4 positions in the listing of an app that decide if it is qualified for keyword rankings:

  • Name of the App
  • Room for App keywords
  • Name of Developer
  • App in purchases of apps (exact match only)

Apple has also developed its algorithm to rank applications for keywords not generally contained in the listing of an app, such as:

  • Partial matching of keywords (e.g. rating "the leading music app" with the popular one)
  • Names for rivals (e.g. ranking Spotify for Pandora)
  • Popular or other contextual keyword categories (e.g. ranking Spotify for music-related searches)

2. What makes ASO the core element to consider for business growth?


You can download more than 5 million applications from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Your app is very likely to face a lot of intense competition. App Store Optimization's primary objective is to maximize downloads and the number of loyal customers. The first step to optimizing your downloads is to make it convenient for potential clients to find your app. Instead of wasting money on advertising, by concentrating on organic growth with ASO, you can lower the expenditure and reap higher profits. Not only does this save your bucks, but it also ensures consistent growth. So, it would be correct to say that it is crucial to stay abreast with the prevailing competition in the market.

3. Will using high-quality screenshots have any impact on my app downloads?


People spend just 7 seconds determining whether or not they're going to download an app. A key factor in their decision is how the app store page looks, and high-quality app store screenshots can make a huge difference. When it comes to convincing someone to download your app, they're cited as the second most important factor (second only to your App Rating). You should wisely use your real estate screenshot and concentrate on the main advantages and most engaging aspects of your app.

4. How can one distinguish between the App Store and Google Play?


To ensure that they have high-quality software in their stores, both Apple and Google have introduced an app review process. The approval process for Apple, however, appears to take longer than Google's. When you're launching a new app or upgrade, you should always take into account a 3-day buffer. It will be live in the App Store and Google Play within 24 hours once your app has been accepted.

5. What is Google play store ranking factors?


Rating Factors for Google Play Store:

  • Title of the App
  • Summary
  • In-app Purchase
  • Rate and Critics
  • Latest Updates
  • Engagement and Downloads
  • Some concealed factors

6. Can icon design make a difference in downloads?


There is a direct link between downloads and ranking: the more downloads your app has, the more successful it is considered to be so the higher it is ranked.

It is also really important to know how to design and have an engaging app icon. To show app store audiences why your app is worth their time for consideration, you only get one picture, so choose carefully!

7. What is the impact of positive reviews on the ranking of your app?


Positive ratings and feedback have a significant effect on the App Store Optimization activities, both in terms of quality and quantity. Having as many as you can is in your best interest. They must, of course, be honest reviews from individuals who have genuinely downloaded the app.

8. What do you mean by ASO?


In short, ASO is the combination of search engines and optimization of the conversion rate for the app environment, concentrating on optimizing the listing of your app for better performance.

ASO is like SEO in that as many important keywords and places in the app store as possible are to be found for the target. The number of store impressions and product page views are important indicators of performance for visibility optimization work.

ASO is like CRO in that the aim is to encourage as many customers as possible to download your app. For conversion rate optimization work, a significant performance metric is the pageview-to-install conversion rate.

Optimizing the App Store starts by creating your app listing in either the App Store (title, definition, screenshots, etc and continues by tweaking each of the elements in your app listing to improve your exposure and ability to turn visitors into customers.

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