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Blockchain Development

The digital age has revamped the way one transacts business, and blockchain technology is the leading cause of this change. Blockchain is referred to as a decentralized technology that plays an integral role in transferring cryptocurrencies as well as other digital currency across a peer-to-peer network. It is considered as the safest option when it comes to recording as well as transferring data. This information is auditable, crystal-clear, and resistant to outages. Also, it is an innovative invention.

The leading force behind bitcoin is blockchain. Any individual who is a part of this network will have their data store, which is known as a distributed ledger. In this case, entries are locked within a cryptographic chain of blocks, and at each level, the agreement is reached via a way of majority consensus, curtailing replicated entries, etc. This method, as well as the cryptographic layering of the blocks, enables the agreed blockchain immutable and irreversible. Also, an individual cannot alter the history of events, one needs to have a majority consensus from the group.

Block stores will store your credentials and you won’t have to be making the transactions in your name. You will have a unique digital signature that will help you to complete the process. After the transaction has taken place, it has to be given a unique, identifying code which is known as a hash. After this only a new transaction is added to the blockchain. 

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Being a leading blockchain app development company in India, CodeKing Solutions has carved a niche in providing top-notch services for smart contracts development, crypto exchange development, multi-cryptocurrency wallet development, and other blockchain development solutions. Our innovative designers, laborious developers, and proficient marketers put in use their expertise and blockchain technology to provide comprehensive, cost-effective, customized Apps as well as other infrastructure support.

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Devised and created on the principles of cryptography, this technology is set to revamp the process for finance, healthcare, cloud storage, and a plethora of other industries. Are you wondering why this change is taking place? The only answer for this one is that the transactions made via this medium are quicker, the charges involved are less, and one gets a high-level of security. Regardless of the vertical of your business, we are just a call away to help you. 

Our experts are having a pool of knowledge and rich experience, which sets them apart from the best options available in the market. Our diligent experts put their best foot forward to assist you in incorporating blockchain technology a crucial part of your business operations with our top-notch quality blockchain application as well as mobile app developments related to cryptocurrency services.

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CodeKing Solutions as a prominent blockchain application development company in Delhi, NCR, and we try to incorporate the best aspects of the blockchain technology that helps to cater to a variety of your business needs. And if you are planning to set your platform for digital cryptocurrencies, then our services will act as a benison for you. 

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Research and Consulting

Examining the business idea, requirements, utilize cases, and the implications like security and compliance.



Looking for suitable blockchain technology and on-chain and off-chain entities to outline the application roadmap and architecture.

web development


Our adept developers will design and create the app, employing techniques to ensure usability all the while.

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We deploy the application on testing and production environments and then make it live.

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Testing and QA

Before launch, our team employs the best testing process to ensure positive feedback with a plethora of testing techniques.



We offer maintenance and upgrade services to ensure that your application stays on the top in the apps marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Blockchain Secure?


Blockchain is a secure medium in a gamut of ways. The new blocks are added at the end of the blockchain, this linear and chronological process and you can see the height of every block. Also, this makes it a bit difficult to alter anything in the previous block. All the digital information is converted into strings and any changes in this code lead to a change in the hash as well.

2. What Is A Private Blockchain?


Private blockchains are deployed either within an organization or dispersed among participants. One can set constrain to it, by defining the set of participants. In this way, no unwanted person can access them or the data stored in them. They can be secured in a similar way to securing other applications such as VPN, firewall, etc.

3. What Is A Smart Contract?


In a nutshell, a code that is deployed to the blockchain is known as a smart contract. Each smart contract has code that can have a predefined set of inputs. Smart contracts can also store data. Adhering to the dispensed pattern of the blockchain, it runs on every node in this technology, and all the data is stored in all the nodes. This data can be queried at any time.

4. What are the advantages of the blockchain?


Block has a gamut of advantages such as error-free results by reducing the services of humans in the process. Plummet the cost of the process by removing third-party verification. Crystal-clear technology and the transactions are highly secure.

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