Hire WordPress Web Developers

Hire WordPress Web Developers

Hire Wordpress Developer

WordPress is known as the best and most renowned way to build your website or blog. It was in 2003 by Matt Mullengweg (2003). It is an open-source platform that utilizes PHP Coding for blogging. The core reason for its burgeoning popularity is the fact that it is an open-source platform, and it is easy to use by non-developers as well.

The impeccable CMS properties of the WP make it highly efficient and uncomplicated for the end-users to manage or edit the website from the back-end on their own. WordPress provides the world’s most popular blogging platform which is easy on the pocket, flexible, easy to use, and easily crawled by search engines.

Top Reason to Use WordPress

According to the stats present online, it was observed that 35.2% of all the websites on the Internet are using WordPress, and this includes renowned websites as well such as the White House.

Now, the question that would come to your mind would be why should you use it? The answer to that one is quite simple. If you are on the hunt for easy solutions to build a website, then it is a sure-shot platform to explore and experience desired results.

  • Free and open source
  • It is extensible
  • Easy to install

Now, let us understand these elements in detail to extract the right reasons to use it.

Avail the Expertise of Our WordPress Developers Team

With the advent of a multitude of e-stores, blogs, and websites, the competition has spiked more than ever. This necessitates the assistance of an adept professional to smoothen all the bumps along the business journey that you will embark on or are experiencing. Our WordPress developer has a pool of experience and knowledge to build an exquisite website for you cohesively. Their expertise will attract you to enhance your current website or the future one with their guidance.

Getting the website you always dreamt of for your business will no more be a dream for you anymore. With our top-notch services, you can experience the best position in terms of the functionality of your website and more. The skillset of our developers will allow you to discover the best ways to create a website and your suggestions will be incorporated as soon as possible. Their style of working is flexible and you don’t have to be worried about the end product.

Top Benefits of Hiring WordPress Developers from Codeking Solutions

Round the clock support

Be assured of 24/7 support; our WordPress developers will address all the issues related to loading times and ensure efficient loading times. Our motto is to provide top-notch services regardless of the hour of the day.

  • Flexible and Easy hiring

    It allows you to hire WordPress developers easily and according to your choice when you don’t want them to hire for full time. You are not bound to pay the developers once the project is over or increase your team if required. This creates ease in the process of your work.

  • Save time and money

    Hiring a dedicated WordPress developer from CodeKing Solutions is economical. Our hiring model best suits startups and SMEs.

  • Client Satisfaction

    We make sure that the client is content in the best possible way. And for this purpose, The Process to Hire Our Industrious WordPress Developers

  • Understanding the Clients’ Requirements

    Firstly, you will have a rendezvous or chat with our consultant and elucidate all your needs, which will allow us to comprehend all your expectations and KPIs. Then we will evaluate with the expert the size of the team that is required to effectively finish the task.

  • Screening Candidates

    After evaluating your needs, we will look for a bunch of the best WordPress Developers who can meticulously shoulder your expectations. Then we filter the list and shoot the list of the best individuals for the job to the client.

  • Sharing Resume

    Once the client checks it, and ends up selecting the right one according to the need, then we carry forward the process. In case of any discontentment, we alter the list of WordPress Developers for the client to choose from.

  • Shake Hands with PM

    When the developers are picked, then the client comes in touch with the project manager who leads the project further and directs the developers. The project manager will take care of your needs and will supervise the developer.

  • Terms and Conditions of Contract

    When everything is finalized from the client’s end, we can forward the mutually-agreed contracts in which the in-detailed plan is shared. Also, the contract will include NDA, which prohibits the disclosure of client ideas in public or with other clients.

  • Take the Charge of the Team

    Lastly, when the agreement process comes to an end, you get the opportunity to interact with the developers and make your vision clear to them. And begin the work journey with us to come closer to your dream.

Transform The Fate of Your Online Business with India #1 Web Development Services

Our Solution to your Imaginations

Mobile App

Research and Consulting

Firstly, we study your app idea, your services, and your target audience. In this phase, we collect a variety of data to make the perfect application for you.



After collecting the indispensable details, we begin wire-framing and planning the project, so that we can provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for you.

web development


Our adept developers will design and create the app, employing techniques to ensure usability all the while.

Emerging Tech


After the design is finalized, our experts will dedicatedly work towards the development of the app.

pendrive class

Testing and QA

Before launch, our team employs the best testing process to ensure positive feedback with a plethora of testing techniques.



We offer maintenance and upgrade services to ensure that your application stays on the top in the apps marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key benefits of WordPress Development?


There is a gamut of advantages that one can experience if they decide to use WordPress.

  • INCREDIBLE CMS PROPERTIES: CMS features make it highly convenient for the end-users to use the website and make it highly functional.
  • SEO- FRIENDLY : Websites built using WP as their foundation have less intricate and constant codes making them ideal for Google indexing and crawling.
  • ENHANCED SECURITY: It comes up with high security and protection against CSRF and XSS attacks.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGN: The appearance of the website can be altered based on your preference and what makes it more eye-catchy.

2. When was WordPress launched?


It was launched in 2003, and since its inception, it has become popular amongst the users. Also, with the launch of various plug-ins, it has become even more popular with time and it enhances the functionality of the platform.

3. How is hiring a developer a better option than a fixed cost project?


Well, hiring developers gives you complete control of your resource and will work as per your commands on a daily basis. It's just like having a resource in your office who will work on your project/tasks only.

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