Inventory Management System

Bespoke Inventory Management System To Streamline Your Business Process

Inventory Management System

When people think about inventory management, they relate it to retail applications. As the retail operations have an intimate dependence on inventory management, the systems are extensively used across varied industries.

From utilities, healthcare, government, education to manufacturing, inventory management streamlines all the processes. The processes are related to flow and maintenance of the inventory that ensures you have the products available in the right quantity where the delivery time and quality are being met.

Inventory Management System's Use

An inventory management system combines technology and processes to maintain the procedures and monitor the maintenance of stocked products. It is possible that these products are stocked up but to meet the company asset requirement, one has to look forth the material supply constant. The finished products should be sent to the vendors or end-users while maintaining the complete inventory rightly.

Any business must have a system that identifies every inventory with barcode, asset tags, etc. also, the inventory must provide a reference point for all the data that are coupled together.

What Can We Offer You?

At CodeKing you get to expand your business with a multi-channel inventory management system. You can set up and integrate the start selling points from your inventory and manage the orders. We have given efficient solutions to clients across the globe and helped them with managing their orders with a single inventory system.

Our systems have always enabled the business owners to conduct end-to-end tracking to have better control over the warehouse management. You can get real-time details for shipping, carriers and other details to conduct a wise business. In today's business world, multiple shipping integrations are the need of the hour and we have them available for our clients.

With our seamless integrations, one can manage their financial situations with specific features being added to the management system. An inventory management system will help in centralizing all the records to keep the details of every asset in one place. The organization will help all the vendors to provide the specifications, and stock the current inventory.

What Does Inventory Management Includes

An inventory always contains movable assets. The logic of maintaining an inventory entirely lies in maintaining the details of the resources that are moving in and out. The items may move quickly or slowly, but their movement is being recorded. You will know when it's time to reorder the resources so that further requirements can be met. A comprehensive system will offer several benefits to a business. A few of them are:

  • Enhanced Transparency
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Better organization
  • Reduction in storage costs (overhead)
  • Better reporting and forecasting capabilities
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduction in deadstock
  • Improved supplier, vendor, and partner relationships

When a company has a lot of stock in the inventory, it means the business has reached its bottom line and the supply chain is affected by this. There can also be situations of backorders with inaccurate records. This arises from errors that are made in the documents.

A lot of time is wasted without the inventory management systems as the stored resources are maintained with manual efforts. This also makes errors quite often. You can stop picking on time once you have a system installed for meeting your business asset requirement.


Automate your inventory systems by connecting with us and grow a better business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the three categories to look for when breaking down an inventory system?


A breakdown helps in deciding the appropriate levels of different areas in an inventory system. The three major breakdowns are excess or obsolete stock, safety, replenishment.

2. Is it necessary to check on the safety levels of an IS regularly?


For a supply-savvy system, it is crucial to look for safety updates. A good system will get updates every 2-3 months so that it completes the present requirements.

3. What are the important factors to look upon when determining a perfect inventory management system?


One has to look for the ordering frequency and production crucially to have a smart inventory management system available.

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