Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy simplifies and explains in what way we obtain the information from the visitors, what happens with the information stored and in what way the information is utilized.

CodeKing Solutions is completely committed to protecting the privacy of website visitors. We value and respect your privacy and we aim to protect the collected personal and private information of our visitors. Moreover, we have created the privacy policy to provide you information about how your personal information is obtained and utilized by us.

In what way we collect the information:

  • We collect your personal information merely through fair and genuine means, in whatever place it is suitable.
  • We receive personal and private information, such as name, email address and additional details, at the time you have a communication with us through using distinct communication channels for obtaining assistance related to our services or for making an inquiry.
  • Details that you specify willingly at the time of acquiring a particular service of ours, or during consultation or at the time of signing up for particular information.
  • We may collect info about your utilization of our website, comprising the web pages you visited, facilities and resources you utilized, comprising place, traffic, as well as communication data.

For what reasons the Information is Collected:

We receive and utilize personal information for the following reasons:

  • To offer comprehensive and appropriate service to you which you register for or were looking for from us.
  • To customize our website as well as services particularly to what exactly is beneficial to you, and in what way our resources as well as web pages can offer purposeful solution to the visitors.
  • We might collection info to conduct marketing analysis.
  • To conduct a thorough analysis of the website and to make sure that the performance of the website is alright and even get to know how visitors use it.
  • To make sure that the website is functioning safely and securely and to apply secure and fraud prevention measures.
  • We obtain info with an aim of accomplishing objectives defined by us and for additional appropriate objective, except the consent of the person or specified law asks for any modification.

How the obtained information is utilized?

  • The info we collect is simply utilized as per the pertinent laws and regulations.
  • The personal info obtained is completely safeguarded against any theft or loss, wrongful access, copying practice, change and disclosure through implementing thorough and highly suitable security and safeguard steps.
  • We utilize and keep personal info of the visitors merely at the time it is required for the accomplishment of the objective.
  • We utilize the info obtained to offer information, service and service that you ask for.
  • To offer details about more info that could be beneficial to you, which is offered merely once you have agreed to obtain that information.
  • We utilize your info to process transactions.
  • The received info is utilized to boost the performance and functioning of the website on the basis of your use.
  • The information obtained assists to accumulate data as a result we can send notifications, related to any modifications or changes made in our services or in the structure of website or in customer support, to you.
  • The info is even obtained to assist us completely manage a promotional work, survey, contest or a different website feature.

Our Privacy Policy Factors

Protection of Personal Information

Your private information is not sent, exchanged, sold and given to another person or entity, for a reason at all, until and except you agree to do that.

Personal data storage

After we collect your personal info and data, we utilize the required safety and security measures to safeguard that data and keep it safely. Although, for the reason that the online world is not completely secured, at the time one is sending us personal details, it can be intercepted ahead of reaching us. As a result, at the time you are providing your personal details, it is carried out completely at your own risk.

Information disclosure

As we are completely committed to protecting your personal information, we are not going to disclose any of your info to anybody, apart from as per this privacy policy, and in the below mentioned scenarios:

  • In case the law authority regulates us to legally furnish the info
  • In case it is required to lower the risk of a fraudulent activity
  • In case we are selling a portion or the entire business to a third party

Sometimes, we might incorporate links to third parties on our website. However, it does not indicate that we are encouraging their policies. As a result, you are advised to read their privacy policy ahead of sending any personal info to them. We even utilize temporary cookies. 

Any modifications to your personal info, comprising modification, update as well as deletion is going to be carried out merely on your written request.

Through utilizing the website you agree to our privacy policy.    


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